Thursday, July 31, 2008

Product Review

Kashi Cereals

If you haven't seen or heard of Kashi you've probably been on a different planet. This brand is growing very quickly and the popularity is greatly increasing. It started out only being available in health food stores now it is pretty much in every supermarket there is. And why is it so great you may ask, well it is jammed packed with the magic potion...FIBER! Fiber is such a great way to loose and/or maintain weight because it helps you feel full and digests much easier than the starchy carbs. The cereals also have an impressive protein, calcium, and low fat/low sugar amount as well. And what else, well it's organic. Sounds like DIRT right!

Well now we get to the best part. Every single one of their cereals is super yummy and healthy. My favorite is the GoLean. GoLean Crunch is very tasty too, but has quite a bit more calories. Seriously I don't have anything negative on the tastiness of these cereals. Try all of them and let me know which one you love.

A negative note or two. Well first, some of the cereals are a little high in calories. However, that being said, they do have a huge amount of filling fiber so it is justifiable. I would definitely stick to portion control. Just because it is health food, does not mean you can eat the whole box in one sitting. And lastly, a few years ago Kashi decided to revamp their Original Good Friends cereal. The older original was so much more yummy and had way less calories. Anyways, so that's it. Not much negatively to muster up on these peeps.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Recipe - Millions of Peaches

Grilled Peaches
If you haven't tried grilled peaches before they are so sweet and yummy. All you need to do it top them with a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream or frozen whipped topping and you have a perfect summer dessert.

Cut peach in half and remove pit.
Brush with a tiny bit of butter and sprinkle with a dash of brown sugar and cinnamon.
Put on grill and cook about 3 minutes or until slightly softened.

Peach Crisp (this would be great for Breakfast too!)
2 cups of peaches or other fruit, fresh or drained
1 cup of Grapenuts
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of cloves
2 teaspoons of margarine
2 packets of splenda

Place peaches in baking dish. Sprinkle one pack of splenda and half spices over them. Cover with grapenuts, rest of spice and sweetener. Place margarine on top and bake in microwave for 6 to 8 minutes. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fitness Tips

One thing that summer usually brings to most families is TRAVELING. I love to fit in a workout while traveling, whether it be a jog or a hike, it makes me have more energy and feel good throughout my trip. And it is fun to exercise in new ways and new places. I compiled a list of ways to stay in shape while traveling. If you have any other ideas on this topic that you have found successful send them our way.

  • Check and see if your hotel has fitness equipments. A lot of big chains including Marriott and Hilton are not equipping all their hotels with fitness rooms. And the ones I have been in are pretty nice.
  • Some hotels may not have a fitness room, but work with local fitness centers and may have passes. Speak with your hotel about this service.
  • Running, I know not everyone is a runner, but you can pretty much run anywhere you visit. If you are unfamiliar definitely take a cell or a running partner.
  • Jump Rope, a great way to get active while watching TV in a hotel and a jump rope fits in any luggage.
  • Swimming Laps in the hotel pool
  • A brisk walk
  • Take the stairs, walk or run up and down the stairs in a hotel and you will definitely burn some calories
  • Alternate bursts of jumping jacks, lunges, tricep dips, running in place, and pushups
  • If staying at a relatives home bring a favorite exercise DVD. Some hotels have DVD players or offer them to be rented.
Trust me, you will feel great and maintain the fitness level you have worked hard to get to.

Monday, July 28, 2008


I am back..if anyone is still keeping up with Work It Mama! The summer has brought a new house and all that entails, reunions, vacations, and holidays. I would really like to keep this up. If you are a reader, let me know and also tell your friends and family about this site. Thanks and happy summer!

Okay, dread the thought...BACK TO SCHOOL!
Here are some tips from Kidnetic on how to pack a healthy and yummy lunch a kid will eat.

Think variety. Try to include something from most of the MyPyramid food groups in every lunch. Rotate choices to promote variety and prevent boredom. This also helps to ensure that lunch will provide about one-third of a child's daily nutrient needs.

Send what kids like. Ask your child to make a list of his/her favorite lunch ingredients from each MyPyramid food group. Then use this list to create his/her lunch menus. Better yet, get him/her involved in the shopping and packing.

Break out of the peanut butter rut. Experiment with some new fillings for sandwiches, like low-fat lunchmeats (try flavors like smoked turkey!), cheeses, grilled veggies or chicken, tuna and egg salad (see "Keep lunches safe" section below). And try using different types of breads, such as bagels, rolls, pita pockets, English muffins, raisin bread or waffles (use whole-grain varieties whenever you can). If your child is devoted to peanut butter, jazz up the old PB&J standby with sliced bananas or apples, raisins, shredded carrots or granola.

Go beyond sandwiches. The options are endless. Send pasta salad made with fun-shaped, colored pastas. Make a pizza or quesadilla on a tortilla or pita round. Or roll meat and cheese slices in a flour tortilla to make a pinwheel sandwich. Leftovers are great too—like spaghetti, a chicken leg or a hearty soup, to name a few.

Got milk? If your child's school serves milk, it's a good idea to send milk money each day. If not, look for individual milk boxes at the grocery store. Milk tastes best when it is ice cold, so freeze the milk the night before, and by lunchtime it will be thawed, but chilled. Mini-cheese wedges, cheese cubes and cheese sticks are kid favorites, too. Yogurt and pudding cups make a nutritious dessert.

Play up the produce. Baby carrots, celery sticks, sweet pepper slices, cherry tomatoes and other crunchy veggies are great for dipping in low-fat ranch dressing, salsa or hummus (chickpea dip). Slice apples, pears or other fruits for dipping in low-fat vanilla or lemon yogurt. Make fruit kebobs with fresh fruit chunks on straws. Or send single-serve cups of fruit, applesauce or dried fruits.

Pack some pizzazz. Kids love fun and surprises in their lunch. Be creative with shapes, colors, and themes. For example, pack a round meal—a bagel with veggie cream cheese, an orange, carrot rounds and jelly beans. Or cut sandwiches into puzzle pieces. Have a "red lunch" day with spaghetti, red grapes, strawberry milk and red fruit leather. Make a backward lunch with a sandwich made with the meat and cheese on the outside and a note written in reverse telling the child to eat dessert first. Throw in an extra touch with a love note, joke or comic strip.

Keep lunches safe. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Use an insulated lunch box or small cooler. Include an ice pack or frozen bottle of water, juice or yogurt to help keep things cold. Use a Thermos™ to keep soups, casseroles or chili hot.