Monday, August 4, 2008

Maybe we shouldn't go out to eat...

You may have seen this article by now, but if you haven't this is shocking and frightening. This was featured on Good Morning America; they researched how many calories were in restaurant kid's meals. Chili's was one of the restaurants featured and some of their kids meals contain up to 1300 calories...WHAT? Find the article here.

You will honestly be shocked. I think we need to find out what is in our food before we hit these restaurants from now on. I am definitely going to think twice before ordering my kids a meal next time we go out to eat!


SWIRL said...

I completely agree- i am always trying to think of homemade meals-on-the-go. I find myself driving my sons to hockey 6 x a week and away from the house for 5-10 hours at a time. I pack PBJ sandwiches, edeame pea pods, fruit snacks, apples, carrots.. etc... but after 4 days straight it feels so .. blaa-aa ..

Any creative ideas?

K Walton said...

I love this website:
It includes almost every restaurant you can imagine with all the nutritional information you'll need. Check it out!